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Life is all about habits, isn’t it? Depending on what those habits are, life turns out to be good, bad, ugly, productive, happy, meaningful, and so on. Today’s episode of Kolam podu is about habit forming. A famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz once said that it took 21 days for a patient who had undergone plastic surgery to adapt to the change. 

Another health researcher, Dr. Phillipa Lally said that it took precisely 66 days to form a habit. Here at Kolam podu, we have decided to go a step further and help you form this delightful habit over 108 days. 108 has always been an auspicious number in our South Indian calendars. Hence.

Join us everyday over the next 108 days, with a happy thought and a cute kolam. Consistent, small efforts will pile up and surprise you as a significant achievement at the end of the journey. A happy habit, a happy life. Wouldn’t you agree?!

About Draw Happiness


What really is it? Is it the lightness of the heart? A cheerful mood? A sense of contentment? Inner peace? Spring? The blue sky? A cruise? 

Whatever it is, it is something all of us seek. It is the basis on which every other emotion is built and experienced. Simply put, happiness is a decision. A choice. 

Kolam podu is an effort to gently nudge you to choose happiness. How? By committing to a happier space for the next 108 days, focusing on drawing simple sweet kolams, sharing with all of us, spreading happy thoughts, journaling and lots more. Happiness has a snowballing effect. And it begins with each one of us.

Let’s come together on this project, and draw happiness! 

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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  1. I find it confusing to follow when the camera angle is changed partway through the column. Maybe you are doing it to break monotony, I don’t know what others’ experience are!

    • We had two situations where people downloaded our videos and used it as their content in other forums… Thus we were forced to take this approach. Sorry if it is causing you inconvenience


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