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Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani returned to Chennai in 2010 after a successful stint in design firms abroad. Recognizing a gap in Chennai's Corporate Design scene, she founded Bhargavii Mani & Consultants in 2011. Her expertise in creative arts and strategy led to a diverse clientele. Beyond branding, she excels in photography, interior design, and promoting traditional South Indian art through the Kolam Podu project.

In a nutshell, Happiness is a feeling of positivity and pleasure. American existential psychologist Rollo May says that there is a distance between stimulus and response, and in that space lies the ability to pick a response. If we are in a happy space, the response will usually be far from negative, mean or nasty. 

What does it take to operate from a happy space? Well, although there are several pointers and aspects to this question, we at Kolampodu, think that absolute focus on something beautiful and productive is perhaps the starting point.

Try it. Take that bowl of kolam powder, begin drawing the kolam. Or reach out for your pen and paper and draw the kolam. We dare you to be distracted!!

That pesky issue at work, that toxic family member, that irresponsible child… all of these issues that weigh you down simply take a backseat while you are focusing on getting the kolam right. And when you are done, you feel proud of having accomplished something beautiful. That itself is a shout out to those happy hormones to do their jobs! 

So there. We have it all laid out for you. Get to a happy space with Turvi. The problems of the world can wait. Kolam podu. And choose your response next time when there’s a stimulus!

About Draw Happiness


What really is it? Is it the lightness of the heart? A cheerful mood? A sense of contentment? Inner peace? Spring? The blue sky? A cruise? 

Whatever it is, it is something all of us seek. It is the basis on which every other emotion is built and experienced. Simply put, happiness is a decision. A choice. 

Kolam podu is an effort to gently nudge you to choose happiness. How? By committing to a happier space for the next 108 days, focusing on drawing simple sweet kolams, sharing with all of us, spreading happy thoughts, journaling and lots more. Happiness has a snowballing effect. And it begins with each one of us.

Let’s come together on this project, and draw happiness! 

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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  1. How are these name given? Is it there somewhere or are you giving names for these kolams? Good initiative..

  2. I have started to upload my kolam just four days ago. Can I upload all the kolams now, on the respective days. Please let me know. Thank you 🙏.

  3. Hi, the 1st kolam has come up on my feed today, a few days after this series started. I am not able to submit now and I understand it’s because it only stays up for a day. Maybe it should be kept open for those who discover later? Not for any competition but just to feel good about participating 😊


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