WINNER – Utppalakshi & Kolam Podu’s Annual Tamizh New Year Kolam competition 2022

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CONGRATULATIONS Manivasuki !!!!! 

This Kolam was unanimously chosen by the sponsors and the selection team.

Two interpretations of the fish motif held together using a simple and elegant centre design caught everyone’s attention. 

The visual aesthetic is appealing mostly because of how well this design breathes!

Artists should include negative spaces between their designs, to give it that much needed contrast, especially in Kolams of this size, else there can be a visual fatigue!

If one breaks down the design, the individual designs are very simple, however, when put together in this radial pattern, makes it understated, grand and elegant.

Most designs we received as entries this year have left us speechless! It is so encouraging to see this community growing! So many interpretations and creations! So much to learn from every artist who participated!

We thank every participant for your enthusiasm, effort and time to be a part of this year’s contest too. Next year, we will give you more time, and tougher criteria too 😉


  1. Thank you very much to @Kolampodu and @ Utppalakshi for the wonderful opportunity given. I enjoyed making this kolam. Thank you once again for the opportunity given to exhibit our creativity. It is a great motivation and encouragement to everyone who loves this traditional art.


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