TOP 5 – Utppalakshi & Kolam Podu’s Annual Tamizh New Year Kolam Contest

Must Try Kolams

And…. here’s our Top 5! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

Does a Kolam make you want to turn around and look at its details? That has been the criteria for the top 5. A large Kolam isn’t necessarily the most beautiful. A complicated Kolam, while intimidating, doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful… 

It’s one thing to appreciate the complexity in thinking and execution, but another to actually enjoy it. Kolams are meant to make people happy. Design principles used in this art form are typically repetition, symmetry, balance etc, while certain Kolams make you feel a sense of familiarity because we have seen these designs before…. here are some Kolams we found different and unique. 

It is beautiful that negative space has been used. It is beautiful that simplicity has been embraced. 

(The top 5 kolams have been placed in no specific order)


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