TOP 10- Utppalakshi & Kolam Podu’s Annual Tamizh New Year Kolam Contest 2022

Must Try Kolams

And…. here’s our Top 10 ( Not in any specific order) ! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

Below are the criteria for judgement :

  1. Correctness – Conforming to the Rules of Sikku Kolams.
  2. Creativity displayed – How the design has been created/ drawn.
  3. Technique used – I have been easy on quality of Ezhai to encourage and motivate better design development.
  4. Design Principles used to create final design – Is it the same design getting repeated, or is there an interesting pattern put together, using multiple elements?
  5. Overall aesthetic appeal
  6. Overall Criteria of
    • 14 Dots used to create the Kolam
    • Fish Motif creatively incorporated in the Kolam


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