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Today’s let us discuss briefly another key factor to happiness, spending time with your loved ones.

“Strong relationships are key to happiness” says the longest study on the subject, which we discussed a few days ago. (Ref TED Talk by Robert Waldinger of Harvard University)

What qualifies for a strong relationship?

  1. Who you surround yourself with
  2. Acceptance in the society

I personally loved this specific line “Good close relationships are good for our growth and well being is wisdom as old as the hills. Quick fix is the problem“.

How do we express our love as humans?

  • Hugs & kisses
  • Kindness
  • Protection
  • Lust and intimacy
  • Display love and respect

And, when we express these, our body happily produces these hormones

  • Endorphins – the attraction or happiness hormones
  • Dopamine – The feel-good hormone
  • Oxytocin- the Love hormone

When you draw your Kolam and you get appreciated, All the above mentioned hormones get activated and you get to a happy space.

Project Draw Happiness

Every human desires happiness. For some, just looking at the sky brings happiness. Simple. A few others go to great lengths to acquire happiness. Like going on a cruise in Alaska. Expensive. Sometimes not doing anything at all brings happiness. Inexpensive.

At Kolam Podu, we bring you draw happiness. Nothing elaborate, nothing expensive but a simple ritualistic habit that for over 108 days we are going to provide you simple uncomplicated kolams for you to draw and be inspired.

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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