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Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani returned to Chennai in 2010 after a successful stint in design firms abroad. Recognizing a gap in Chennai's Corporate Design scene, she founded Bhargavii Mani & Consultants in 2011. Her expertise in creative arts and strategy led to a diverse clientele. Beyond branding, she excels in photography, interior design, and promoting traditional South Indian art through the Kolam Podu project.

In continuation of the 8 top things that can make us happy, today we are going to be discussing the subject, Petting a pet

Having a pet is a choice. Let me share my own experience.

Initially I was petrified of pets. Then we started getting orders to shoot pets and I used to cordon off myself from the shoot floor. And then came my first pet, Azhagi. I was still getting used to a fur child around. And then came my Gunda – my life changed.

My life changed at so many different levels. I got over my fear and I let them into my life. Then I realised what I had missed all these years. The very presence of these pets, brought a lot of calmness and with that calmness came a lot of happiness.

The happy hormones that get kicked in are Serotonin & Oxytocin. Serotonin is a stress hormone that helps fight depression & Oxytocin is called the love and affection hormone.

There are many things that one can do to bring happiness… Kolam is one of them.

Project Draw Happiness

Every human desires happiness. For some, just looking at the sky brings happiness. Simple. A few others go to great lengths to acquire happiness. Like going on a cruise in Alaska. Expensive. Sometimes not doing anything at all brings happiness. Inexpensive.

At Kolam Podu, we bring you draw happiness. Nothing elaborate, nothing expensive but a simple ritualistic habit that for over 108 days we are going to provide you simple uncomplicated kolams for you to draw and be inspired.

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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