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Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani
Bhargavii Mani returned to Chennai in 2010 after a successful stint in design firms abroad. Recognizing a gap in Chennai's Corporate Design scene, she founded Bhargavii Mani & Consultants in 2011. Her expertise in creative arts and strategy led to a diverse clientele. Beyond branding, she excels in photography, interior design, and promoting traditional South Indian art through the Kolam Podu project.

Happiness, as we have repeatedly seen over the last few days, is a skill that can be acquired. Consistent practicing of this skill will establish neural patterns that will enable us to be in a happy state most of the time. 

Of the 8 key factors that assist in happiness, exercise occupies pride of place. What really happens when we exercise? No, we are not talking only about fitness regimes. The innumerable games like Kabaddi, Kh-Kho, hop scotch, pallanguzhi, gilli dhanda, and so many other traditional games all work towards keeping the body and mind in a state of high.

How? By enabling the secretion of certain hormones that form the building block of growth, repair and overall well being.

Happy hormones like serotonin, endorphins, are all released while being mentally and physically agile. 

Kolam is also a form of exercise. Try bending down, squatting or stretching while drawing the kolam on the floor and you can feel your quads and hamstrings stretch. Mental focus combined with a good stretch does wonders to the human body and mind.

What a wonder this art form is then! Not only does it develop fine and gross motor skills, it gives us the feel good hormones that keep us mentally and emotionally in a state of well being and positivity. 

Nithya, the constant one, is a beautiful one to draw. She may look complicated, but she is not, just like our lives. 

May happiness always be a Nithya phenomenon in our lives, even as Kolams are a Nithya activity in our lives!

About Draw Happiness


What really is it? Is it the lightness of the heart? A cheerful mood? A sense of contentment? Inner peace? Spring? The blue sky? A cruise? 

Whatever it is, it is something all of us seek. It is the basis on which every other emotion is built and experienced. Simply put, happiness is a decision. A choice. 

Kolam podu is an effort to gently nudge you to choose happiness. How? By committing to a happier space for the next 108 days, focusing on drawing simple sweet kolams, sharing with all of us, spreading happy thoughts, journaling and lots more. Happiness has a snowballing effect. And it begins with each one of us.

Let’s come together on this project, and draw happiness! 

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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