Kolam Podu and Win an Utppalakshi Saree Contest – WINNER

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After much deliberation, here’s the winner! Congratulations Uthra R !!!

This design is beautiful, combines various styles and elements and is finished very well. The number of designs used and woven together needs special mention.

Here’s what I had said yesterday, which should explain my reasoning for choosing this beauty.

Entry Number 23 : Beauty!!! A very busy design, however, if we look closer, one can’t help but appreciate the number of designs interwoven to create the final design. Just when I felt it was getting too busy, the artist has provided a visual relief with space around it and created, simple and elegant borders. The use of straight lines & curvy ones is admirable and overall I absolutely loved this design and Kolam. I however wished this artist gave some visual relief in the centre too… had she, this design would have been way more appealing.

  1. Correctness – Conforming to the Rules of Sikku Kolams.
  2. Creativity displayed – How the design has been created/ drawn.
  3. Technique used – I have been easy on quality of Ezhai to encourage and motivate better design development.
  4. Design Principles used to create final design – Is it the same design getting repeated, or is there an interesting pattern put together, using multiple elements?
  5. Overall aesthetic appeal


  1. Thanks Kolam Podu and Uttpalakshi for this wonderful opportunity. Feeling very happy to have won the contest. Thanks once again. This means a lot to me😊 The kolam may look easy but the real struggle is in getting the perfect symmetry, following the rules and getting it visually appealing and it almost took me 3 hours to complete this beauty. This is just the next step in my kolam journey and I have lots more in my learning curve. Feeling blessed to have been part of this beautiful Sikku kolam contest and my best wishes to all my kolam friends who have participated in this contest.

    In this moment, I’m badly missing my lalli paati who taught me drawing kolams. Started my kolam journey when I was 6 yrs old along with my paati drawing kutti kolams in the platform area where I was given the space to draw. Still remember that little amount of kolam maavu that she used to give me in a small Kottankuchi/coconut shell and that happiness of drawing kolams in your own space is a never ending process.
    I’m so blessed to have a supportive family( Sarasa amma, Ravishankar A Venkatesan appa, Arvind Krishnan , Aarthi Krishnan , Malathy Krishnan amma , Krishnan appa and my lil one Janvika)who were my constant source of motivation and always encouraging my kolam journey. Thanks all🙏🏼


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