Kolam Podu and Win an Utppalakshi Saree Contest – TOP 3

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And…. here’s our Top 3! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! Read up on why these were chosen below 🙂

  1. Correctness – Conforming to the Rules of Sikku Kolams.
  2. Creativity displayed – How the design has been created/ drawn.
  3. Technique used – I have been easy on quality of Ezhai to encourage and motivate better design development.
  4. Design Principles used to create final design – Is it the same design getting repeated, or is there an interesting pattern put together, using multiple elements?
  5. Overall aesthetic appeal

Entry Number 23 : Beauty!!! A very busy design, however, if we look closer, one can’t help but appreciate the number of designs interwoven to create the final design. Just when I felt it was getting too busy, the artist has provided a visual relief with space around it and created, simple and elegant borders. The use of straight lines & curvy ones is admirable and overall I absolutely loved this design and Kolam. I however wished this artist gave some visual relief in the centre too… had she, this design would have been way more appealing.

Entry Number 35 : There is something just very very very calming and stunning about this design. Looks like a grand carpet ! If we observe every design element, it’s been tastefully placed and beautifully interwoven. There is symmetry, balance, repetition, emphasis, beautiful use of negative space and overall, a nice concept. Something that is so different from the overtly busy designs which people think is great quality Kolam! Larger doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful. Complicated doesn’t necessarily mean appealing. This artist’s technique is clearly lacking finesse, however, in the overall scheme, this Kolam surely stands out for me.

Entry Number 48 : This is a conventional Kolam, however what is appealing about it is the number of elements within the Kolam interwoven so beautifully… and extended outside! This Kolam won my heart because of this mainly. There is something so elegant about the way she has finished her design. The border design not only creates that strong (much needed) visual relief, it also somewhere defines it so well. The small kolams woven into the borders adds direction to how the eye has to move and there is something so understated and elegant about this beauty !


  1. Loved all three!!! Appreciate you explaining the “why” behind the which ones. For a novice like me, just coming into the Top 25 was huge, but it also propelled me to think, why not Top 10 / 5 / 3 or winner! Reading through your blog gives so much clarity and direction.

    Many congratulations to all the participants and best wishes ❤️❤️


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