Kolam Podu and Win an Utppalakshi Saree Contest

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Kolams and festivities go hand in hand. Our Tamizh New Year is another occasion that we all look forward to. Creativity is displayed at its finest and we take this opportunity to encourage more people to draw our Traditional Kolams.

Kolam Podu and Win an Utppalakshi saree is the contest we are conducting for the second year running. What started off as a cheering up effort during the Pandemic, because of the overwhelming response, will now be an annual feature. This is an online contest. Patrons of the art and the wonderful human beings who run the brand Utppalakshi, continue teaming with us this year as well.

Utppalakshi is a Chennai based boutique which sells handwoven Kanchipuram silk sarees and are now expanding their collection to sarees inspired by other parts of India, still maintaining the base as Kanchipuram Silk. Every saree is chosen and curated by the owners personally. Much detail is given to quality and purity. Their silk is authentic. Zari is pure silver and the weave is 100% handloom.

Just a simple happy contest. Draw a beautiful Sikku Kolam. Take a few pictures and upload it on our website, along with an image of a saree that you like from Utppalakshi (www.utppalakshi.com)


This contest is OPEN FOR EVERYONE ACROSS THE GLOBE. If you are a winner, and you live outside India, the only cost you will have to bear is shipping, unless you give us a local address.


Saree of your choice worth Rs. 14,000/- or a gift voucher. (Cannot be redeemed during sale or promotions). Winners will be announced on May 1st, 2021.


  1. Only one entry per participant. Age & Sex no Bar & No extra preference will be given to Children or Men drawing. The focus will only be on the art.
  2. Ensure you keep a 30 seconds video of you drawing the Kolam to send us to check authenticity. This can be sent upon request from team, if your Kolam is shortlisted.
  3. Kolam has to be drawn on the floor only (or on a surface if you have a light coloured flooring)
  4. White Kolam Maavu (Dry or Wet) and Kaavi / Semman only. If Semman is not available, you may use any natural materials such as flowers and leaves for decoration. Organic materials ONLY.
  5. Competition starts on 14th April 2021 00.00 hrs IST and ends on 18th April 2021 23.00 hrs IST.


  1. Correctness – Does it follow the 3 Rules of Sikku Kolam (Refer website/ youtube link below)
  2. Creativity displayed
  3. Technique
  4. Design Principles used to create final design
  5. Overall aesthetic appeal

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

Finished since 184 days, 7 hours and 28 minutes.


  1. Hi Bhargavii ma’am. I have uploaded my kolam yet am not being able view it in the submissions. I heard that you’re not doing well but am still writing to you as today is the last day to submit the kolams. Thank you in advance. Take care

    • We have been approving Kolams whenever we are taking a break from work… I have just approved entries… Kindly check if yours is in there, else kindly resubmit. I will clean up tomorrow.

  2. Hi,

    I submitted an entry for this contest, but I am not sure if it got posted as I did not see any message/pop up saying the photos were submitted successfully. Is there a way to check if my entry got into the system? Thanks in advance

  3. Hi Bhargavii ma’am. I’ve uploaded my kolam – am not sure that you’ve received my entry though. Please could you confirm?

  4. Hi mAm. I have uploaded my Kolam and not able to see it. I just read the comments mentioned by you in other entries. As today is last day I just want to reassure from you. Kindly reply when you get time.

  5. Hello ma’am… hope all well with you. trying to send my kolam entry for the current contest which is open until 11.00 pm IST on 18th April . However unable to upload as it shows a closure message. Kindly help.

  6. Ma’am the deadline is 11 p.m today but when I try to submit it says, “Finished 0 days 4 hours”… I am trying to upload since 9 p.m today ma’am.

  7. Trying to submit from 8:30pm, but couldn’t. The SUBMITTING status stayed for a very long time. The specifications said that we could Submit until 11:00PM tonight. But Submission is already disabled. Please clarify

  8. Hi mam, please check and reply me, whether my kolam uploaded in the contest entry or not. Because i can’t able to see my kolam in the submission list. I posted kolam with my name

  9. Hi Madam,
    Thank for this opportunity.I have no chance to show my talents bcoz I’m in a interior village.
    I like Sikku kolams and I drew it. Here, getting network (Signal) is highly challenging. Eventhough I tried and uploaded
    after travelling 2 kms (to get good signal)


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