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When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down, ‘Happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, I told them, they didn’t understand life.”

A quote supposedly attributed to John Lennon, true or not, the thought is brilliant.

Happiness is the key to life.

The western world of neuroscience now says, happiness is a skill that can be learnt.

Among the many researches that are being conducted on the subject, they have narrowed down eight ways one can get happier.

  1. Exercise
  2. Petting your pet
  3. Spending time with your loved ones
  4. Chocolate
  5. Sunlight
  6. Foods with Tryptophan (amino acid)
  7. Meditation
  8. Happy Activities that make you smile.

One of the activities that can bring a smile to your face is – Kolam.

Project Draw Happiness

Every human desires happiness. For some, just looking at the sky brings happiness. Simple. A few others go to great lengths to acquire happiness. Like going on a cruise in Alaska. Expensive. Sometimes not doing anything at all brings happiness. Inexpensive.

At Kolam Podu, we bring you draw happiness. Nothing elaborate, nothing expensive but a simple ritualistic habit that for over 108 days we are going to provide you simple uncomplicated kolams for you to draw and be inspired.

Life is beautiful, if you choose for it to be. Until then Kolam Podu !

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    • Brilliant !! Every Kolam in this series is meant to make you focus as the designs are not specifically easy. Most times the size intimidates people, thus we took this route of small designs which might not be the easiest to replicate.

  1. Thanks for this beautiful venture, am tryingto create my own designs, but they may be ones tweaked from the ones I’ve done all along! Have copied so many pretty ones, don’t know where the ones I try come from! No plagiarism intended..

    • None of us can say we own Kolams… the designs and process is such… Most times the design we think we have created, has been done by someone else. This is the harsh reality and the humbling truth.

    • Kolam is an art, no one should try claiming design rights to. Given a grid and some starting designs, atleast a 100 variations can be created and many people have now understood that they could come up with the same solution. The process of drawing Kolams itself humbles everyone because of this… Also the reason why I do not personally entertain those who start being pompous about it. Art should be enjoyed and this specific one is to bring people together 🙂


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